Kawaguchiko Day 2

EN: The photo above was taken through my hotel window (Route Inn Kawaguchiko), I had a splendid view. I spent just one night in that place, but 2 days were enough to get around and to see pretty much everything that should be seen. My plan for the morning was to (sadly) skip the breakfast and have a walk to train station, where I got my express train tickets back to Shinjuku. Next was the visit of so-called Mt. Fuji Panoramic Ropeway, which was just a short 3-minutes long journey up the the top of Mt. Tenyo-yama. You can walk even further from there, but unfortunately I was running out of time, because of 11AM checkout. Bear in mind – arriving early anywhere in tourist areas in Japan equals to no queues, more space for you and no stress. Same in this case – there were only 8 people taking the cabin going up (8:30AM). When we were going down at around 9:10AM, the upwards-heading cabin was rammed maybe with 30 people. So this is it, just a short trip to Kawaguchiko.

SK: Neskôr.

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